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Compassionate doula support and education to guide you through the peaks and valleys of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Welcoming a new baby is filled with wonder and worry.

You’ve overcome obstacles and met emotional challenges head-on, but you know the journey is just beginning. As certified doulas, we meet you and your partner wherever you are in pregnancy and postpartum. Staying true to your vision and desires, you and your partner deserve a hands-on educator and biggest supporter.

And in case you need reminding: You are capable and you are strong.

We are Claire & Nadine

A mother-daughter duo on a mission to guide future parents in an affirmative birth journey.

We lead a team of doulas who prioritize perinatal wellness to empower you and your partner in your crossing into parenthood.


…Thanks to her [Claire] constant attention to my needs and her unfailing vigilance and encouragement my birth was natural and un-medicated in a peaceful birthing centre. Although all my pregnancies were so different one constant in all of them was Claire’s unwavering commitment to me and my birth wishes. I feel without her support, my birth memories would be very different.

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How to Thrive (Not Just Survive) Sleep With a NewBorn

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Doula Canada Training - Certified Doula
Birth Doula Program - Partnering with other doulas to offer accessible doulas
Baby Led Sleep and Well Being Training - Certified
Indie Birth - Education
Association of Placenta Preparation Arts - Certified Placenta Encapsulation