5 reasons why you should give birth at Toronto Birth Centre

MY experience supporting labouring women at toronto birth centre

Claire Anne, doula, is posing with a midwife and labouring mama in the peaceful, relaxed setting of the Toronto Birth Centre.

I have had several clients who have birthed at Toronto Birth Centre. If you’re considering a birth centre, but you’re still on the fence — you’re in the right place. Here are my top reasons why you should give birth at the Toronto Birth Centre.

1. The atmosphere is more conducive to birth.

It is a peaceful, quiet and warm environment. It is so colourful and almost magical. It just puts you at ease.

2. You are given space to labour.

You’re able to avoid the continuous checking in by medical professionals but still have constant care. The midwives are carefully observing. But they have such a relaxed nature that it allows the birthing family to relax as well. 

3. You have healthy food options to sustain you during labour.

They have fruit, smoothies, juices, water, and honey and more for mom-to-be. They make sure it is fresh and offer organic options.

4. Your stay after birth is short and sweet.

2 to 3 hours and you’re headed home to the comfort of a welcoming, warm bed and home.

5. It is the next best thing to birthing at home.

In a low risk or no risk pregnancy, this should be offered to anyone birthing family. The three rooms are beautifully appointed and perfect to welcome a new life earth side.

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Written by Claire

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