An agency providing
prenatal and postpartum
doula care and services

A team of doulas who are passionate about empowering families
to pursue the birth and
newborn experience they choose.

Our families face the life-changing events of parenthood—with help at their side.

You’re here because you know the path before promises the greatest joys as well as its fair share of challenges. You may have even overcome some obstacles this far. And you’re not alone.

Acknowledging you want help shows strength. It shows wisdom. Every conception, pregnancy, birth and labour is as unique as the precious baby you welcome into this world. And we welcome you with that same level of understanding, sensitivity and respect.

Your deepest desire is for a positive birth experience—and beyond. And it’s ours too. You are worthy of being supported and informed through every circumstance. We’ll get through together, stronger on the other side. Growing as people, as parents, as providers.

Let’s do this together.

When choosing a doula,
you and your partner know
you need to find the right fit.

Grab a beverage of your choice, get cozy. and take some time meeting our team. We’re here for you, and would love the honour to share a bit about us.


Claire Anne

I'm a Traditional Birth Companion as well as a Home Birth Doula and I offer Postpartum overnight care. I believe in the intuition and inner voice every birthing person possesses deep within.

Realizing your birthing dreams is every family’s choice.

Our team of certified doulas is proud to support English-, French- and Spanish-speaking families, so that language is never a barrier.


When I met Nadine I instantly connected with her. She listened and was so attentive to our needs. All the fear I had about giving birth a second time melted away. From our meetings, birth plans, and her constant support I really felt loved and cared for.