Babies Sleep

Babies sleep a whole lot, it doesn’t feel like it most of the time does it? In fact they need to sleep a whole lot. That is how they grow their brain and their bodies of course. We feel as care providers, that all they do is eat and cry, in fact though, once they have eaten, as newborns they may stay awake 30 minutes but after that, they want to get back to growing their brains, although, we would love to spend more time with these beautiful smiles and gurgles, it is best to let them rest. Forcing them to stay awake during the day, will allow them to sleep more in the night. Babies just need their sleep and their food. Babies like to be held and that’s totally fine. Mammals, as we are have their newborns very close by, caring for them and watching over them as they rest, 24 hours per day.

We need help or we need to sleep when they sleep, which is very difficult when we have a household to care for and a family and a newborn. Hiring someone to clean, to cook, to do laundry so we can care for baby 24 hours a day can become a reality. It is difficult to accomplish and many of us cannot afford the support and many of us do not have friends and family nearby to help out. That’s why as doulas, we can certainly help with all of the above. It is an expense that is totally tax deductible, and here at Birth Baby and Beyond, we are working with a financial advisor in the hope that we can give options to those who are limited financial availability.

There will be more information on this in weeks to come. Please check in again with us as we introduce this new option.

Thank you for always being here, we wish your birth and baby journey to be an amazing one!

Written by Claire

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