Birthing Pools

A birth pool is an awesome tool to have to manage labour and increase a positive birth experience. It is certainly not for every birthing person, many women envision birthing their babies in the warm water of the birthing pool, however, when they find themselves in the moment often times they will labour inside the pool and exit the pool for the actual birth and that is totally wonderful. I have witnessed many scenarios depending on the kind of birth baby decides, I have seen the pool filled and never used, I have the pool partially inflated and left that way, I have also seen the pool never even set up, but mostly, I have seen the calmest and most gentle births in the birthing pool, babies caught by their dads and babies caught by their mothers, each and every one of these births have been so memorable and a true gift for me. Many thanks to all these amazing families who have chosen to use a birthing pool for their labour and births, I am honoured to be able to help you by having these pools available to you through my rentals. Reserve them when you can, limited quantities are available.

Written by Claire

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