Breastfeeding / Formula Feeding

Breastfeeding has become the biggest challenge birthing parents have to go through, for the most part that is. Before we enter that phase of birth, meaning before we have our baby, we are led to believe, that there is nothing to it, it is a natural so hard can it be? Well although it is a natural process for most mammals, it seems to be extremely challenging for first time parents. We have to acknowledge that there is plenty of criticism around this subject, friends and family have opinions and they often are just NOT what we need to hear.

It takes a whole lot of determination and desire to stick with it, once the initial weeks are behind you the rewards are wonderful and the bond is so very special. There is also the medical world imposing pressure and monitoring every single gram the baby gains or does not, and in the first weeks baby will not gain too much, getting back to baby’s original birth weight takes time especially when you are exclusively breastfeeding. The pressure and stress is not fair and only adds to breastmilk depletion. Stress and breastmilk production do NOT make for a good relationship.

Babies need to eat and it can be too much for many families who are in their initiation weeks. So formula is introduced and the effect on the milk production is immediately reduced, the compounds itself with parents getting so tired and confused they know not what they should do. Breastfeeding is not for everyone, there are situations that will prevent breastfeeding from occurring and that is what it is. I was sent this report from drug watch and was asked to share the articles please read and hopefully, it will provide some reassurance for those of you who are struggling

Written by Claire

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