Welcome Spring!

Although the days in Springtime can be very different, it is always a breath of fresh air to welcome its many faces. The cool nights below freezing, and the warmer days above freezing insure that the sap on the maple … Read More

Birthing Pools

A birth pool is an awesome tool to have to manage labour and increase a positive birth experience. It is certainly not for every birthing person, many women envision birthing their babies in the warm water of the birthing pool, … Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day

Another year under the bridge, The groundhog had different opinions about Spring this Year. The groundhog in Pennsylvania saw his shadow and rushed back in his burrow, meaning 6 more weeks of winter, The groundhog in Ontario, where I live, … Read More

Birth Pools

A birth pool is an amazing tool for labour, water just feels good, babies like the water too, after all they are floating in our womb and have been for several weeks. It only makes sense that they would enjoy … Read More