Babies Sleep

Babies sleep a whole lot, it doesn’t feel like it most of the time does it? In fact they need to sleep a whole lot. That is how they grow their brain and their bodies of course. We feel as … Read More


Birth pool benefits while laboring or birthing in the water may not appeal to everyone, some of the benefits include: Less pain and a more enjoyable birth experience Less need for pain medication Less use of artificial Pitocin to speed … Read More

Breastfeeding / Formula Feeding

Breastfeeding has become the biggest challenge birthing parents have to go through, for the most part that is. Before we enter that phase of birth, meaning before we have our baby, we are led to believe, that there is nothing … Read More

Welcome Spring!

Although the days in Springtime can be very different, it is always a breath of fresh air to welcome its many faces. The cool nights below freezing, and the warmer days above freezing insure that the sap on the maple … Read More

The Breastfeeding Journey

So excited we all are to have a baby and to be able to nurture and nourish our babies, it all sounds so simple, we are growing a baby and a placenta to feed our baby inside our bodies, we … Read More

Birthing Pools

A birth pool is an awesome tool to have to manage labour and increase a positive birth experience. It is certainly not for every birthing person, many women envision birthing their babies in the warm water of the birthing pool, … Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day

Another year under the bridge, The groundhog had different opinions about Spring this Year. The groundhog in Pennsylvania saw his shadow and rushed back in his burrow, meaning 6 more weeks of winter, The groundhog in Ontario, where I live, … Read More

Sleeping with Baby

This is a very talked about topic, the fact of the matter is that baby needs to sleep in the same room with the primary care provider, they say,” I don’t know who they is”, for at least six months … Read More

The Elusive Sleep

I feel i have to write about this because it is one of my worst nightmares! I have been having a very hard time sleeping soundly over the past year, after i experienced a horrific accident, though I do manage … Read More