Happy Valentine’s Day

Another year under the bridge, The groundhog had different opinions about Spring this Year. The groundhog in Pennsylvania saw his shadow and rushed back in his burrow, meaning 6 more weeks of winter, The groundhog in Ontario, where I live, did not see his shadow (cloudy day) how could he? So Spring is just around the corner, and I have to say Wednesday sure felt like that! And now, the poor groundhog in Quebec, didn’t make it!

Valentine’s Day is also one of these days just to help us through the winter blues and in my birth world, it seems to bring a surplus of babies in November which is always exciting to us birth workers. We welcome new babies and new families are born too. it’s a fun time. Personally, February has one great thing going for it, it’s only 28 days, at least this year, for that I am grateful, it brings March faster, not that March is that wonderful, there is Spring in the air though in March, birds are busy building nests, Robins are seen here and there, many birds can be heard singing their song. Squirrels begin to scurry about, rabbits are hopping and the smell changes. This week we’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day with some delicious chocolate, and a hearty comforting meal and we’ll see some of you in November welcoming new life.


Written by Claire

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