Overnight Support with newborns

Choosing to seek help after baby joins a new family is a very wise choice. Many parents find themselves thinking they are failing at being good parents because they can’t seem to navigate this journey on their own, the fact is though, it is increasingly difficult to function without some help from friends and family and less friends and family are around to help.

That’s when overnight doulas can be so very helpful and provide the necessary help to get your newborn journey on the right path. An overnight doula will come to your home usually around 10PM and look after baby throughout the night until 6AM. She can also help with light chores while baby is sleeping in between feeds. These chores can be folding laundry, washing the dishes, and baby bottles, tidying up the play area, quiet chores so as not to wake up anyone.

The doula stays in very close vicinity to baby and with the slightest sound she will attend to baby in the manner that mom and her have agreed upon, sometimes the bottles have been prepared and it is just a matter of feeding baby and putting baby back to sleep without waking up anyone, other times Mom wants to get up and feed baby at the breast, the doula will change baby and bring baby to mom and when mom is finished she quickly will take baby and put baby back to sleep so mom can get back to sleep as soon as possible.

This overnight support can be once a week or even every night, in which case more than one doula would be supporting the family.It can be just for a short while or it can be for several weeks, every family is different and their needs are different too. We customize the package to suit each and every one and provide receipts so these expenses can be used as deductions in just the same way as day care.



Written by Claire

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