Helpful overnight care for you to be your best during the day.

Experienced doula
services for overnight
postpartum care.

our night doulas allow families to focus on wellness to flourish as new parents.

It’s tough to be the best version of ourselves when we lack sleep. Overnight doulas afford you much-needed rest so you can:

  • Ease into your new roles as parents
  • Prioritize your daily tasks
  • Focus on establishing your new family routine
  • Enjoy a happier, healthier baby who is well-rested

What does your night doula do?

our focus is on the total care and comfort of your baby.

Your baby will spend the night with the doula in their own space so you and your partner can priortize sleep. They’ll be diapered and cuddled and fed when needed or brought to Mom for breastfeeding. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed to a cleaner house like an empty dishwasher, folded laundry and sterilized bottles. Your doula will leave you with a log of all nighttime activities so you feel ready to tackle the day.

infant care

light chores

activity log


No tax

  • 8 hours of care
  • Add additional 1-2 hours for $35 per hour
  • Preferred time: 10pm-6am or 11pm-7am

Limited spaces available for 2024/2025. Book now!

No tax

  • 6 weeks of overnight care (8 hours per night)
  • Week 1: 5 nights
  • Week 2&3: 4 nights
  • Week 4&5: 3 nights
  • Week 6: 2 nights

Limited spaces available for 2024/2025. Book now!

No tax

  • Comprehensive support during the fourth trimester
  • 12 weeks of overnight care (8 hours per night)
  • Week 1-3: 5 nights
  • Week 4-6: 4 nights
  • Weeks 7-9: 3 nights
  • Weeks 10-12: 2 nights

Limited spaces available for 2024/2025. Book now!

Looking for postpartum support during the day?

Like our overnight services, our postpartum doulas support you and baby during daytime hours.


We were new parents responsible for not one, but two precious babies, and we knew that in order to give our children the best care, we had to take care of ourselves first. You made it easy to book appointments and because we always had Claire we felt comfortable knowing that the doula knew our children. With your services, our kids started to sleep through the night, and we feel like we can handle it on our own. We are better parents because of your doula support.