Reliable prenatal support to fulfill your birthing dreams.

Caring birth doula
support for pregnancy,
labour and birth.

Birth doulas empower families to enhance the experiences of their pregnancies and births.

You’re here because you see the value in having a birth doula. And for good reason—studies show that having a doula present can:

  • Shorten your labour
  • Help avoid medical interventions
  • Create a more relaxed environment
  • Reduce the chances of being dissatisfied with your birth experience
  • Decrease the risk of your newborn being admitted for special care
  • Improve your postpartum bond with your baby

How will your doula support my birth?

outside of the MEDICAL, we address all areas of need.

Expect informative and supportive care so you can experience an empowering birth experience. Free from any medical obligation, we focus our continuous energy on you to ensure that your physical and emotional needs are met as you work towards bringing your new love into this world.

We support your birth wishes and needs whatever they may be:

  • Birth at home, hospital or birth centre
  • Medicated or drug-free
  • Vaginal, TOLAC or cesarean
  • Low risk or high risk
  • First-time parents or second-time+ parents


emotional needs

Hands-on support


Without Claire’s support, my birth memories would be very different.

Thanks to Claire’s constant attention to my needs and her unfailing vigilance and encouragement my birth was natural and un-medicated in a peaceful birthing centre. Although all my pregnancies were so different one constant in all of them was Claire’s unwavering commitment to me and my birth wishes.


Plus HST

  • 24 hour availability
  • Backup doula support
  • Pregnancy: 2 prenatal appointments
  • Labour/Birth: Continual support during labour
  • Postpartum: 1-2 hours of care after birth
  • 1 postpartum in home vist

Limited spaces available for 2024/2025. Book now!

Plus HST

  • Everything in the essential package
  • +10 hours of postpartum care to help you navigate the first days with your newborn and focus on bonding

Limited spaces available for 2024/2025. Book now!

Proud to be Traditional Birth Companions in our Community


We owe much of my peace of mind to Claire Anne’s support and guidance throughout my pregnancy, the labour and birth of our daughter. Even after her birth, Claire is still supportive and so involved. She always goes the extra mile – from making gifts for the D+L nurses and making us a birth story!