Affordable rentals to support your new life in parenthood

Prenatal & postpartum
rentals to support your
birth & newborn journey.

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It’s important you have affordable and safe rental options for labour, birth and newborn care.

Our experience caring for our clients has exposed us to some amazing products. And you deserve the option to benefit from them yourself. That’s why we offer perinatal rentals—allowing you more financial freedom to care for your growing family.

birth pool rental


Plus HST

Limited rentals available for 2024/2025. Book now!

  • Easy to setup and use
  • Can rent from 38 weeks gestation (and keep until 42 weeks)
  • Due 3 days after birth
  • New liner
  • Air pump for inflation
  • Water pump for draining
  • Filling hose & hose adapters

Delivery/pickup extra
(only available in Toronto/GTA)

You will love the relief water brings—water immersion is proven to make labour faster is easier. Use the birth pool rental for a home birth or for labouring at home before you head to the hospital.

It was such an amazing birth experience and I would totally do a water birth again and again. The water was very relaxing and immediately helped with the pressure I was feeling in my back.


Smart Baby Sleeper and Bassinet


Plus HST

Limited rentals available for 2024/2025. Book now!

  • Minimum 1 month
  • Recommended 3 months
  • Linen purchase or rental required

We’ve personally used this smart bassinet as our assistant—and she rocks! Renting the Smart-tech Baby Sleeper is a great option for families in need of some sleep in the early weeks of your baby’s life.

This smart-tech bassinet has truly saved us. Our daughter feeds better, sleeps better and we get much needed sleep during these times too…overall I feel like a brand new woman compared to the first few days!

This baby sleeper truly is a gift for newborn parents. We averaged 5-7 hours a night for the first 2 months, and this last month, she started sleeping 7-8 hours straight through!! She wakes up so happy…and so do we.

Kalyn & Chris