Sleeping with Baby

This is a very talked about topic, the fact of the matter is that baby needs to sleep in the same room with the primary care provider, they say,” I don’t know who they is”, for at least six months preferably longer. This is very difficult for many people to accept. What happens after six months? Do you actually think baby will just fall asleep in their own room after 6 months? Not likely, The fact of the matter is baby and Mommy should be together for an extended length of time, even longer if mom is breastfeeding, and you know what ? its totally normal, there is nothing wrong with you or with your baby. It is not much of a life for a while, I admit, Baby will grow up to be confident and strong and happy. Not traumatized and associating sleep with a negative experience.

Just look at the animals around us, out in the countryside, observe a cow and a her calf, when they rest, they will rest together, very close and not just the first day after birth, the whole time throughout their life together. Same goes for dogs, cats, rabbits, foxes, etc…

Don’t worry you will get your room back, and your bed back, but in the meantime even the baby snuggles and the broken sleep you get every night. Its part of what we need to do to raise our children.

Written by Claire

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