The Breastfeeding Journey

So excited we all are to have a baby and to be able to nurture and nourish our babies, it all sounds so simple, we are growing a baby and a placenta to feed our baby inside our bodies, we are producing milk to feed our baby when baby finally makes it earth side, so why is the breastfeeding journey so challenging for most?

It takes so much determination to succeed at this seemingly natural action, animals feed their young without too much difficulty, perhaps taking the time to observe how they do it, holds the key for us to be able to do it too. First of all animals don’t have anyone directing them on how to do it, and they don’t have a milk bottle full of formula at their disposal the instant their baby starts to scream, they only have their God given mammary glands and they have infinite patience, lots of that, I have observed many animals and they just lay there for the most part, call their babies to the bar ( at least the Sows do ) and they come,

Our bodies know how to do it, and our babies know how too! When baby screams, baby is letting us know that he needs more milk, it’s up to us to just leave baby on there till baby gets what baby wants. The more baby latches even though we may think there no milk there, there is and there will be even more, we just need PATIENCE. Food and Fluids lots and lots of warm foods and broths, sometimes we forget that simple fact, we need nourishment if we are to nourish.

Don’t listen to everyone’s opinion on how you should breastfeed, yes it is stressful not knowing if baby is getting enough, that’s why we need to check what is coming out, check those diapers, count them make sure they are soiled, keep those breasts warm and lanolined up, they will be sore for a while, get a deep latch established, it will hurt less, find a professional if you feel you need one, focus on feeding and loving your baby, get off the phone while you are nursing, it should be a very intimate time between the both of you, cherish each every time, and at first it will be very often, 8 to 12 times a day. ( Breastmilk is digested quickly ) You will be blessed with a healthy and happy child.

The Journey can be wonderful, again Perseverance and Patience are the keys to a successful Journey.

Nurturing Bliss
Written by Claire

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