The Elusive Sleep

I feel i have to write about this because it is one of my worst nightmares!

I have been having a very hard time sleeping soundly over the past year, after i experienced a horrific accident, though I do manage to sleep somewhat, it is a very disturbed night of ups and downs, lying awake breathing, tapping many different things I try in order to fall back asleep this usually occurs around 2 AM i think, I’m not sure because I refuse to look at my phone so as not to make my situation worse! All this to say that I can totally relate to what it’s like to be awake all night with a baby. It is exhausting! There is a solution for you though, (for me I have no Idea) An overnight doula will be with your baby so that you can get some sleep without having to worry about baby. Get ready to enjoy a wonderful few hours of sleep each night your doula is there.

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Written by Claire

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