What does overnight postpartum doula care look like?

A night in the life of a night doula

I have had the privilege of providing overnight postpartum care to wonderful twins. And I love it. For me it is heartwarming and fullfilling.

But if you have never had a postpartum doula, you might be wondering what that looks like. Well let me tell you about my time with the twins.

My support happens mostly during the night hours. The twins’ parents take full advantage of the support and care of a postpartum doula. They sleep, and I keep the infants comfortable and cuddled.

“The days are long, but the years are short.” – Gretchen Reuben

I get a chance to fold a little bit of laundry. I want to allow the parents to focus on resting up so they can enjoy their bonding time with the twins in the morning.

I also sterilize bottles and take care of all the feedings on demand.

One of my favourite things to do is watch them as they wake little by little. Their little squeaks and grunts and pretzel stretches melt my heart.

I like to keep the space dark and very quiet. Their sleep is just as important as mom and dad’s. It’s such a peaceful time.

As I prepare them to eat, it is remarkable to watch the transformation from contentment to ravage eagerness. When everything is ready, they take a pause and then voraciously begin feeding. Gradually the big gulps turn into soft suckles as the oxytocin flowing through them calms their bodies. I may need to burp them a few times during a feeding. By the end, they blissfully drift off to sleep, and I leave them to rest for a few more hours.

What I love about overnight postpartum care is that I know mom and dad are getting a restful night. It’s hard for parents to take a break during the day when caring for twins or even a singleton infant. Even if the baby is content or sleeping, there is always something to catch up on—dishes, laundry, bills, appointments and more. The parent guilt is real. You may feel you’re not doing enough.

A postpartum doula is here to support you in the way you choose. Sleep deprivation can make the newborn stage so challenging so many families choose a night doula for overnight postpartum care. That way, parents can also focus on establishing their new routines during the day with clarity and joy. Guilt-free, stress-free support and care. To focus on what matters most to you and enjoy these long days that will quickly turn into years.

If you’re here, you’re probably wishing you could hire a postpartum doula. Let me tell you it does not need to be a dream, but we can help make it reality. We come to you wherever you are in the Greater Toronto area. Our specialty is overnight care, but we tailor our support to your desires and needs.

Are you ready to trade your exhaustion for rest-filled nights, knowing your newborn is in good hands?

Written by Claire

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